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Varieties of Bohemian glass and recommendations for choosing

Products made of Bohemian glass are still a confirmation of the presence of taste and style. After all, this material has been popular and in demand for several centuries.

Many people choose bohemia glass in aleks-crystal, because such products have unique qualities and properties.

Varieties of Bohemian glass

This raw material is actively used for the manufacture of various elements, accessories and tableware. All products are divided into colored and colorless types. To achieve a certain shade, standard impurities are introduced, as well as mineral additives. For example, you can create rose glass using manganese. To obtain a blue hue, copper oxide is introduced.

The number of shades of Bohemian glass is quite large. Therefore, in each case, what is required is selected.

Selection features

Since the range of supplied types is large, the selection should be approached responsibly. At the same time, several rules should be followed.

  1. The color of high-quality material should be uniform. If there are spots, other third-party inclusions, then the technology is broken.
  2. If the products are supplemented with metal inserts, rhinestones, decorative stones, they must be firmly attached.
  3. Bohemian glass is also defined by its sound. If you run a wet finger along the edge, a unique sound is received. If the technology is violated, there will simply be no echoes.
  4. Another important parameter is weight. Counterfeit or defective products have a considerable weight.
  5. It is impossible to find a seam on a Bohemian glass dish. This result is achieved by the masters through the use of unique technology, special components.

Rules of care

All products made from this raw material require special care and follow several rules.

  1. For washing, only warm water should be used, in which a minimum amount of high-quality detergent is introduced.
  2. Professionals do not recommend using dishwashers. After all, this negatively affects the condition.
  3. All items after washing are dried by means of a towel, napkin.
  4. When polishing glasses, rotate them in one direction. For polishing, you need to use a clean and soft rag.
  5. It is easy to break the integrity of real Bohemian glass. Therefore, it must be handled carefully.

Before purchasing such products, it is necessary to check certificates and other documents confirming compliance with the standards.